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Proposed Organizational Standards and Implementation Framework
Delivered to OCS on July 10, 2013



orgstandards-coverThe Partnership is pleased to announce that the Proposed Organizational Standards and Implementation Framework was delivered to the Office of Community Services on July 10, 2013.  Thank you to the Community Action Network for your time and efforts that fed into this process. 
As we state in the final document, “The process of creating the Standards has been a national undertaking of the Community Action Network, on a scale not seen since the Monitoring and Assessment Task Force in the mid-1990s. Thanks to improved internet and video technology, the Standards project has reached more members of the Network and allowed them to participate more fully than in past national efforts. The Network’s investment of time and energy has been enormous, when seen in light of the still record levels of consumer and community needs, as well as funding cuts.” 
The work of the CSBG Working Group has been tremendous and we thank them for the numerous hours and tireless dedication to this work.   

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Peter Kilde, Chair
Partnership Strategic Initiatives Task Force




The New Reality Initiative Spreads its Wings - Part 1: Preparing for the Flight | August 15, 2014

johnson-foundWell, I'm back.  Some of you may recall that the New Reality Check checked out about two months ago in the face of a very busy summer for yours truly, the author.  Much of the busy-ness had to do with the most ambitious undertaking yet for the Partnership's New Reality Initiative: a collaborative effort of five national and international organizations and our host, the Johnson Foundation at Wingspread,  instigated also by yours truly on behalf of the Partnership, to gather foundation leadership for an in-depth interaction with the interrelated suite of issues we call the New Reality.
It was a remarkable event, and its impact is already beginning to reach across the nation.  That said, much of what this gathering will produce is not yet known, and may never be fully knowable.  What is clear is that this event has at least developed legs, and maybe even wings, and is on the move.  To help the readers of this blog to get a sense of what it was like to participate in "Navigating the New Reality of Economy, Energy and Environment - A Workshop for Philanthropic Leaders," I will share first the short summary reading and detailed agenda participants received in preparation for their coming to Wingspread.  In time, as these things are ready, I will also share the annotated PowerPoint presentations given by the Institute for Integrated Economic Research (IIER) and by me, as well as the final report being drafted for release by the Johnson Foundation.

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