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Learning Community from Project Director Barbara Ledyard

The Community Action Partnership's Learning Communities Resource Center (LCRC) is excited to announce the launch of the Learning Community Project, an innovative and collaborative approach to helping your organization improve outcomes!

  • Would you like to improve program outcomes?
  • Do you have an idea you would like to transform into action?
  • Do you want to utilize data to perform better?
  • Would you like a group of Community Action peers to brainstorm on ideas and share experiences?
  • Would you like access to subject matter experts in the field?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the Community Action Partnership Learning Community is for you!  Members of the Partnership's Learning Community are Community Action peers, expert and less seasoned, focused on assisting each other with strategies to improve poverty outcomes within Community Action Agencies.  Members participate in a series of bi-monthly meetings, either virtual or in-person, and assist each other with concepts that will improve organizational outcomes, discuss "what works" in their programs, solve problems, and share data findings and best practices.

Within the Learning Community you may choose to work with a cluster group focused on one of five poverty-related topics:

Decreasing Family Homelessness - Increasing affordable housing in safe neighborhoods, and expanding shelter supports and other services leading to home ownership.


Increasing Financial Empowerment for Families - Designing strategies to help families with low and moderate incomes stabilize their financial lives and rise above poverty.


Increasing Organizational Capacity - Identifying vulnerable areas within your organization and acquiring practical tools to improve the functioning of boards.


Utilizing Place-Based Strategies - Developing and/or obtaining tools and resources to transform neighborhoods of concentrated poverty into neighborhoods of opportunity that support the optimal development and well-being of children and families.


Bundling Services to Improve Outcomes - Affirming the existence of comprehensive, bundled services in the Network and identifying which bundle of services are most impactful for serving low-income families.




DRAFT White Paper - "Strengthening Community Action with Sustainable Learning Communities"




Learning Community Informational Webinar

Originally Aired: March 11, 2014


About: This webinar provides an in-depth overview of the Community Action Partnership Learning Community, including information on project description, cluster topics, application process, and key dates. Q and A follows.


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The Self-Sufficiency Research Clearinghouse - An Introductory Tour


Originally Aired: December 5, 2013

About: One of the focuses of the new Learning Communities Resource Center at the Community Action Partnership is to help connect evidence-based and evidence-informed practices and service approaches to the Community Action Network. The Self-Sufficiency Research Clearinghouse (SSRC) is an initiative of the Administration for Children and Families Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE) and operated by ICF International, LLC. The SSRC aims to improve policy and practice in such areas as employment, education and training, and family self-sufficiency by improving access to field-tested, evidence-informed and evidence-based program strategies and high-quality research and by fostering professional connectivity. Come learn about how you can connect with the SSRC and access their ever-growing virtual library of research.

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Originally Aired: September 3, 2014
Presented by: ICF International
About:  This webinar will train participants on the importance of using data to inform and guide our work within Community Action.  Participants will hear more about:
  • Online data sources
  • Utilizing data to improve outcomes
  • Conducting data-centered community assessments

ICF International will present on how practitioners can inform their programs using online resources, such as the Self-Sufficiency Research Clearinghouse, which is a virtual portal of a wide range of research on low-income families.

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Questions? Please contact Project Director Barbara Ledyard at or 202-449-9775


  • For the Learning Communities Resource Center Steering Committee, please click here
  • For the brochure introducing the Learning Community, please click here
  • For a summary of the Learning Communities project, please click here
  • For the application to join the Learning Community, please click here (please note that we are not currently accepting applications)



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